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Selçuk University

In the academic year of 1976-1977 Selçuk University started education with its two faculties, Faculty of Science and Faculty of Literature, 7 departments, 327 students and 2 permanent lecturers. Selçuk University has attained the state of a modern university by its physical structure, technological equipment and social-cultural facilities which have been put forth in recent years..

Faculties, Departments and Schools
Selçuk University is carrying out educational activities at 16 faculties, 1 State Conservatory, 1 Higher Education School of Foreign Languages, 25 Vocational Schools of Higher Education and 13 Research and Application Centers. Selçuk University has nearly 110,000 students and a population of approximately 3,900 academicians and administrative personnel.

Faculty of Dentistry
Faculty of Education
Faculty of Science and Literature
Faculty of Fine Arts
Faculty of Law
Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences
Faculty of Theology
Faculty of Communication
Karaman Faculty of Economics and Admin. Sciences
Faculty of Vocational Education
Faculty of Engineering and Architecture
Meram Faculty of Medicine
Selçuklu Faculty of Medicine
Faculty of Technical Education
Faculty of Veterinary
Faculty of Agriculture

Popularity: 5% [?]

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